About Us – what we do and who we are

The Edge Group was formed in 2012 to provide businesses with a full range of technology solutions from a single supplier. We specialise in coordinating multi-disciplinary projects that cross technology platforms and areas.


Alistair Roylance, Founder & Director

After years as an IT Director in a large international face-to-face events and publishing business, Alistair set up the Edge Group to further his desire to bring enterprise level software and IT to the SME market. After years of working with small companies in both his professional career and freelance work, Alistair identified the need for a single supplier model for SME’s in terms of their technology strategy.

Many small companies do not have the resources or knowledge to put together an integrated technology platform. I’ve seen the same situation so many times, companies wasting valuable hours dealing with simple technology problems – like transferring data from one system to another or having to re-work a report. I passionately believe that technology should be an enabler to business and never a hindrance. If you or your business are struggling with technology speak to the Edge Group today – we will be able to help.

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